Find ways to get your brand or business out into the world or even just your local community can be tricky these days.

Handling your own social media can get tiring while you run your business at the same time. On top of that, you need to stand out from the crowd online and keep track of various social media algorithms just to pop-up on feeds. Social media has become the staple of modern marketing for millions of people. It’s a great way to start and get some word out there. However, many businesses just don’t always have time time to keep up with updates and consistent posts. Modern marketing has come a long way, but sometimes traditional marketing can help you more than digital.

So, what are some alternative ways to have your brand gain some traction in your local community? This can vary from company to company, but you can get some astonishing results by investing in the right marketing tools.

Think back to how you heard of some of your favorite bands and brands. Stickers were a huge part of promotion because they could be placed everywhere and became a fashion statement to a degree. So, how do we take this concept and evolve it into a way your business can benefit from it?

Vehicle Wraps – Modern Marketing

For many commercial industries such as HVAC, plumbers, and electricians, going the social media route will only get you so far. It’s a platform made for material businesses and creatives. However, it is a way to communicate, gain business, and post any updates along with information about your business. It’s definitely essential, but in terms of marketing, you may only get so many leads.

This may push you to find other ways to market your business that these other industries don’t typically resort towards. Having a way to show off your company for many to see throughout the city typically means you’ll need a billboard of some sort. Although, billboards can become pricey due to the location and the length of time your ad is posted on them.

This is where vehicle wraps come into play!

For the industries we named above, they’re businesses that are always on the go. Many commercial companies do business-to-business services or residential services. That means you have a vehicle driving out to serve your customers. Having a mobile billboard is your best bet of spreading your company’s word.

  1. Comparing To Social Media Traffic

    When you look at your impressions on social media, that’s basically how many views your post received. Although some may not act upon the post, the user was aware of it being there. Breaking through the algorithm may only lead you with a couple hundred impressions. However, if we take the same concept and apply it to a vehicle wrap, you’re looking at quadrupling the number of impressions you will receive.
  1. Reach Out To All Demographics

    This ties into our #1 reason but deserves some real attention. When your vehicle sits outside of your client’s home, that means everyone around can see what you do, your top services, and how to get ahold of you. This will apply to everyone no matter their age, income, or any other demographic factor. People need help, and you’re providing that helpful service. Become a mobile resource for everyone!

    This will also build some brand recognition. They may not remember some finer details, but just getting a glimpse of your logo or your name can put them on the right track. If you’re a local worker, then you’ll easily gain that local clientele you’ve been wanting.
  1. Vehicle Protection

    Having a car wrap can also save your vehicle from some nasty damage on the road. It helps everything from crowded parking lots that give door dings and scratches to flying pebbles on the freeway that chip away the new vehicle pain. It’s a nice protective film that is much easier to replace than a new paint job.
  2. Save On Advertising

    When your vehicle is out on its routes, you will begin to notice which neighborhoods you gain more business from. Therefore, you’ll know where it’s working and what other areas in town you need to focus on more. It’s the most affordable way to advertise your company while still tracking traffic. Instead of spending thousands on a single billboard in a neighborhood that doesn’t need your services, you will have those missed opportunities fully in your control.

Wrap Genius Vehicle Wraps

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