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We specialize in digital print wraps, which means we can print just about anything you want on high-quality vinyl with UV laminate and lay it on your vehicle. There are endless possibilities with what you can do with a full wrap. We offer full wraps, which means we cover the entire surface of the vehicle. We also offer partial wraps or decal packages where we cover specific areas of the vehicle.

We use only the best materials, which are formulated with a removable adhesive that does not harm your car’s paint, as long as it’s OEM paint. In fact, the vinyl will protect your paint. If high-quality materials are used and the vinyl is installed correctly, your paint will look the same as it did when your wrap was put on. This leads to higher resale values in the future and a longer life for your vehicle’s surface in general.

A wrap that is well maintained can last up to seven years. However, if the wrap is not well maintained and kept clean, it can begin to crack and fade before that seven-year mark. In our experience, we recommend changing out and replacing your graphics about every five years.

Yes, when we quote a job, we include everything—design, print, lamination, and installation.

For most vehicles, we can give you a quote over the phone without you having to come into our office in person. We may also ask you for some pictures and measurements, depending on the project. If you approve the estimate, we then collect a 50% deposit to begin the design process. At this point, you’ll work with our designer, providing them with any files you have (logo, Pantone colors, etc.). Once you approve the design, we’ll schedule you to bring your vehicle in for installation. Then you pay the remaining balance upon vehicle pick up and drive away with a newly wrapped advertising vehicle!

Our car vinyl wrap includes a 2-year limited warranty on installation. This limited warranty covers any major lifting or bubbling in the material, jeopardizing the effectiveness of the advertisement for 24 months from the date of vehicle delivery. 

Premature failure due to cracking, crazing, blistering, or loss of adhesion due to installation error shall be covered under this warranty if it occurs during the 12-month warranty period. Material applied through extreme creases or curves is subject to lifting and bubbling and is not considered appreciable deterioration. The 2-year limited warranty does not cover fading of color.

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