There’s never been a better time to start advertising off-screen. Over half of Americans feel more awareness and appreciation of their outdoor surroundings and ads in the last year.

Not only that, but nearly 70% of those surveyed spent so much time on screen this past year, that they admit to tuning out digital ads.

If you’re looking for a great way to advertise your business, consider a car wrap. Vehicle wraps are a great way to get eyes on your business. Read on to see if your business would benefit from vehicle graphics.

Are Vehicle Wraps Right for You?

You have so many options when deciding how to advertise your business. There are traditional methods like print and billboards. Social media and digital ads are other newer options. Other forms of media such as TV and radio are also trusted choices.

A powerful option that should not be overlooked is advertising using vehicle graphics. Commercial wraps are made of high-quality vinyl with UV-laminate.

The car wrap is digitally printed, which means you can have any image or text printed on it. The size of the wrap can range from a subtle door wrap to a more eye-catching full wrap.

Any type of business can harness the power of commercial wraps. Your business can be 100% online or offer on-the-ground services. From plumbing to running an online shop, you can always benefit from more exposure.

That’s the power of a car decal – everywhere you drive, you’re spreading the word about your business. As you spread the word, your potential customers find you.

Benefits of a Car Wrap

There are many benefits to commercial wraps when advertising your business. Before working with a vehicle wrap company, you should decide if car decals are advantageous to your business.

Practical Benefits

You probably already have a car you use for your business. You can take advantage of that and incur no new costs by using your car to advertise for you.

As a business owner, you run errands and visit new neighborhoods to see clients. Driving a car with vehicle graphics means your car is working as your advertiser while you go about your day.

No More Digital Fatigue

Folks have been spending a lot of time inside this past year. As a result, they are paying less attention to digital advertisements. Social media ads cost a lot, so it would be a shame to focus too much on them.

You have to spend a lot of time researching target audiences. Often, you spend even more to work with a social media manager. The advantage of vehicle wraps is that your car will reach all demographics equally. You won’t interrupt your customers while they’re relaxing at home. No annoying pop-ups when you work with vehicle graphics.

Catch Your Customer’s Eye

When you create a car decal, you can choose the exact images and text you want to include. A great, eye-catching design will draw in potential customers. You can create a design that draws in viewers by using simple graphic design techniques.

Because vehicle wraps are always visible as you park or drive, you have a unique chance to engage people while they’re out. Unlike a static ad or a digital post, your car wrap will be noticed by people as they are in motion.

This means you have the chance to attract lots of eyes to your business, not just those who happen to pass by a billboard. You can use your vehicle graphics to build a local reputation for yourself. Your company car will remind people of your business and introduce you to new members of your community.

Ad Autonomy

When you work with a vehicle wrap company, you are taking your advertising into your own hands. You’ll benefit because you don’t have to pay a social media manager to run advertisements. You will not have to constantly check on how your campaign is going online, and be confronted with confusing statistics.

Another perk is that you won’t be reliant on a static billboard to get eyes on your business. Additionally, you won’t have to pay recurring fees to the billboard owners.

With a vehicle wrap, you have complete control. You decide the images and text.

You decide where the wrap will go on your car. And most importantly, you choose when and where people will see your advertisement.

Local Connections

You build a local reputation for yourself when you advertise with a car decal. Your community members see your company information advertised with pride.

As you expand your company, you have the opportunity to reach new people. Every time you head to a new neighborhood or buy another company car, you can advertise as you do so.

You aren’t bothering folks as they spend time on their phones or screens. Rather, you reach them when they’re open and receptive to hear about new businesses. They will remember you after seeing your car wrap.

There’s one important thing to remember when deciding if a car wrap is good for your business. Keep in mind that when you advertise on your car, you represent your business 24/7.

This is a benefit because your car works for you, all day, every day. It also means you want to make sure your employees behave their best on the road when they drive your company car. If they cut someone off or run a red light, they represent your business as they do it.

Car Protection

Another plus is that commercial wraps protect your car from minor dents and scratches. Vehicle wraps also protect your car’s paint from fading.

You can wrap your car and completely change its appearance without damaging the paint. Whenever you’re ready for a new design, you can create one. Then you can replace the old one with no damage to your car.

Enjoy the Perks of a Car Wrap

Vehicle wraps are an effective way to advertise your business. You spread the word about your services as you drive with a car wrap.

We’re an experienced vehicle wrap company. Any vehicle is an option, and we work with you from the design process to the finished decal. Get in touch with us to get started on a car wrap today.

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