Vehicle Wraps in Bertram, TX 

Looking for a fun and creative way to upgrade your work vehicle while increasing sales? If so, vehicle wraps in Bertram are the way to do it! Vehicle wraps consist of paper-thin vinyl and other materials that wrap perfectly around the outside of your work vehicle. You can then apply whatever graphics you desire on top of the wrap to promote business. In other words, a vehicle wrap will turn your work vehicle into a mobile billboard for all to see! 

If you are looking for a quality Bertram vehicle wrap, look no further than the Wrap Genius. Contact us online or call (512) 677-5130 today.

Vehicle Wraps in Bertram From Wrap Genius 

If a vehicle wraps in Bertram sounds good to you, Wrap Genius is ready to help. We’re one of the top vehicle-wrapping companies in the Southwest and have been in the business for nearly a decade. Our meticulous and artistic process offers lasting results that benefit you, your business, and even your work vehicle! Here are some of the benefits of our vinyl car wraps: 

  • Offers an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint job. 
  • You can easily remove the wrap if you ever get a new vehicle or sell your current one. 
  • Increases the amount of people who are exposed to your business on a daily basis. 
  • Your car will serve as a billboard wherever you drive it. 
  • Once the wrap is applied, you get free advertisement indefinitely. 
  • Car and truck wraps are very low maintenance, and they will pay for themselves in no time. 

How Can Our Vehicle Wraps Help You? 

While each of the benefits we just listed is great, the main way that we can help you is by boosting your brand recognition. You want people to see your vehicle driving down the road and instantly know what you do, how to contact you, and how you can serve them. That’s exactly what we do at Wrap Genius. No matter what you want to say or how you want to say it, we’ll put it on the side of your vehicle to get the word out! 

Best of all, we aren’t limited to the vehicles and clients we work with. Whether you have a small car, a massive box truck or semi, or even a trailer, we can wrap it. Here’s a complete list of our services: 

Why Choose Wrap Genius? 

If you’re thinking about investing in Bertram vehicle wraps for your business, you’re striving to be the best in your field. Therefore, it only makes sense that you want to work with the best vehicle wrappers – Wrap Genius. 

Since 2015, we’ve been wrapping everything in sight and have worked with the best brands in a wide range of industries. From restaurants to plumbers to food and medical suppliers and everything in between, we’ve worked with them all. 

We are so confident in our work that we offer a 2-year limited warranty on all of our work. We also guarantee a boost in your brand recognition, as has been the case for dozens of our clients. 

Contact the Pros at Wrap Genius to Get Started

If you want the best Bertram vehicle wraps from the best wrap artists in Texas, contact us at Wrap Genius. We offer custom wraps and custom pricing to each of our customers. Call (512) 677-5130 today to set up a consultation!

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