Vehicle wraps are traveling works of art that must stand the test of time and be appreciated at a close and long enough distance. So what makes a good vehicle wrap? Well, there’s a lot that goes into it, but let’s explore some of the main features. 

Let’s dive into colors and how these vehicle wraps have become popularized around the world. 

Vehicle Wraps Across the World Making the Rounds

Vehicle wraps are a popular form of advertisement across the world. In places like the UK, Germany, and France, bus wraps and truck wraps are a big part of everyday life. Bus wraps are commonly used in these places and some of the most memorable designs have come from cities where public transport is a major way to get around. 

Let’s review: a bus wrap is a vinyl design that is placed around the vehicle body. For large vehicles such as busses or trucks, wraps often utilize the entire surface area of the vehicle to make the most out of the design. 

The history of vehicle wraps begins almost naturally. As soon as vehicles were widely used and started traveling long distances, the idea of placing messages on them became a popular trend. The early paint, however, was easily subjected to chipping, cracking, and fading. Wraps have come a long way since then. Not only in materials and longevity but in their versatility and multiple color options. 

Best Colors to Use for Your Vehicle Wraps

In anything artistic, there are never hard rules. So while we may have some general advice on what is time-proven, there is no one way to go about designing your unique wrap. That being said, here are some of the most popular and widely-used colors in the wrap business, as they seem to catch people’s eyes and hold their attention. 

Let’s talk a little bit about color theory. 

We all know that red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors and form the basis of all other colors. By understanding a little bit about how colors harmonize and the symbolism they take on, you can choose just the right color theme. 

Here are some commonly-associated characteristics of the most popular colors. Of course, a lot of it depends on the schemes and patterns you choose using these colors and how creative your designer can get in implementing the right shade and keeping it original and unique. 


Black is luxurious, bold, and mysterious. It can be sophisticated or simple. Consider using black if you want to add some bold attitudes to your wrap. 


The color red exudes feelings of passion, heat, and fire. It’s another bold choice and can really pop on a crowded highway. This color is youthful, powerful, and has a lot of energy.


Orange is invigorating, energetic, and playful. Orange can be youthful as well, it goes well with other darker colors. 


This color is cutting-edge. Dark violets, lighter violets, these can be a color that pops and brings designs to life. 


Blue is an eternal, complex color. It can speak in many different tones and has a lot of versatility. It can represent innocence or it can point to something a little more ominous, dangerous, or adventurous. 


Green can be calm, practical, and pastoral. It signals harmony and nature. In recent years military greens have become very popular, as they are refined, sophisticated, and a little bolder. 

Not sure what color to choose? Our team can help. It might depend on your existing logo, the message you want to send, and the final design. If the wrap is not covering the whole vehicle it can also depend on the color of the vehicle you’re placing it on. 

In the end, your vehicle wrap’s final color scheme should not be so much on personal preference but on what fits the design best and what your ultimate advertising goals are. 

Consider Using Unique Hues

How do you find just the right shade and hue for your company? Here are a few tips:

  • Add white to a hue and you create a tint. This lighter tint means the color is less saturated.
  • When you want something a little darker, add a little black to a hue. This creates a shade, resulting in a darker and more intense color.

How Are Wraps Made?

So what’s the process of getting a wrap made from a custom design? It might vary from place to place, but the general process involves working with a designer and specialist that can take your business’s logo or image and work it into a design that fits a vehicle.

  • First, start with an idea. A business owner will talk to our designers and briefly explain what they are envisioning. If you need some help coming up with something, our designers will happily provide some starting points. 
  • Then, there is some back and forth with the designer. Here, you want some details ironed out. You want to finalize your colors, style, and overall layout.  
  • Once the design is approved, it is printed as vinyl panels. Depending on the size of the vehicles, there might be multiple panels involved. 
  • The vehicle must be prepared to ensure proper installation. This process entails removing dirt, grime, or grease from the vehicle surface to make sure the vinyl fits snugly on the vehicle’s body. 
  • The wrap is then placed on the vehicle and you’re good to go!

And That’s a Wrap! Color & Design Matter for ROI 

If you’re looking for a unique way to advertise and get your company name out there, your vehicle wrap can bring in a solid return on investment. Not only does it get seen by hundreds of people, but it represents your company in a unique way. 

Our specialty here at The Wrap Genius is all about creating state-of-the-art, eye-catching, entertaining, and high-performing vehicle wraps for small businesses and organizations looking to spread their message. What better way to put your company out there? 

If you are a local business looking to make an impression on people in your city or town, consider a creative vehicle wrap. 

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