Vehicle Wraps in Serenada, TX 

Whether you own a plumbing business, a landscaping company, a food delivery service, or any other type of business, advertising and marketing are essential to your success. If you want a better way to spread the word about your business than the traditional methods of billboards, yard signs, and TV ads, consider vehicle wraps in Serenada. Vehicle wraps turn your work car or truck into a moving billboard so that everyone who sees you drive by will get an instant blurb about your business. 

If you want to elevate your business with Serenada vehicle wraps, Wrap Genius is here to help. Contact us online or call (512) 677-5130 to learn more.

Wrap Genius: Premium Car Wraps in the Southwest

Whether you need car, van, truck, or trailer wraps, nobody does it better than Wrap Genius. As our name indicates, we’re the best and brightest in the industry when it comes to vinyl car wraps. Here are some of the benefits businesses experience when they invest in our car wrapping services: 

  • Increased sales because we help you reach more customers and find new clients. 
  • More brand recognition because we can help you create a logo that’s eye-catching and memorable. 
  • More protection for your car because our car wraps protect your car as much as they promote your business. 
  • The option to quickly and easily remove the wrap if you ever need to retire your vehicle or change logos. 
  • The ability to be as creative as you want with your logo and brand design. 
  • The ability to reach up to 30,000 new customers each day, depending on where and how often you drive your work car. 


You might be thinking that the only way to reap all these benefits is to go through a lengthy and difficult design and engineering process. However, at Wrap Genius, we do everything we can to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. 

Why Choose Wrap Genius? 

If you like the idea of van, truck, car, and trailer wraps but aren’t sure if Wrap Genius is the right company for you, here’s why we are. 

  • We work with the best products in the industry. 
  • We have worked with some of the top brands in Serenado and throughout the U.S. 
  • Our warranties are second to none and guaranteed. 
  • We’ll provide a nearly instant boost in brand recognition. 


We’ve been one of the top car wrapping experts in the Southwest for nearly a decade and can’t wait to serve you! 

How Our Serenada Vehicle Wraps Can Help You

As we said before, our only goals are to boost your business as much as possible and to make your car-wrapping experience a seamless one. Here’s how the process works: 

  1. You can either request a quote online, in person, or over the phone by contacting us. 
  2. We can give you a rough quote that will give you an estimation of what to expect price-wise. 
  3. However, we will then meet with you in person to go over the design and discuss what you’d like to be done. 
  4. After the in-person meeting, we’ll give you an exact quote and schedule a time to drop off your vehicle. 
  5. After you drop it off, we’ll give your vehicle the best vehicle wrap Serenada has to offer, and in record time! 


It really is that simple. We can wrap any vehicle of any size and offer car wraps, van wraps, truck wraps, and trailer wraps

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If you’re ready to get a vinyl vehicle wrap in Serenada, Wrap Genius is ready, too. We have some of the most experienced and talented graphic artists and vehicle wrapping experts in the industry, and there’s no job we can’t handle! Call (512) 677-5130 today.

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