Car and vehicle wraps are the pinnacle of modern advertising. They can help spread the word of your business easily and efficiently. Internet marketing can only do so much when it comes to various industrial services. A vehicle wrap takes into consideration those customers that aren’t very technologically savvy or just don’t own social media to be aware of your online presence. Billboards can only go so far and they really only pertain to those in that area or use that commute constantly. However, a vehicle wrap is moving across town and making frequent stops in neighborhoods. Let your brand or company become better known across the city by maximizing your marketing efforts.

What Vehicles Can I Apply A Wrap on?

You can apply a wrap on almost any kind of vehicle. Here at The Print Shop, we’ve had experience applying wraps on practically every type of vehicle. However, the bigger your vehicle, the more information, text, and clear images can be applied to it. This will bring more eye-catching attention, and it can make it easier for potential customers to gather the information they need to look up or contact your business.

Vehicles such as vans, trucks, SUVs, semis, and trailers are optimal for wraps. They provide the space to show any company logos and provide information on every side on how to contact them. Proving essential information to potential customers can slowly start bringing more customers.

Essential information will include:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Main service
  • Logo

If possible, including extra information can also be beneficial, such as:

Extra services

  • Address
  • Areas served
  • Email
  • Slogan

What Types Of Wraps Can I Have?

There are different styles of vehicle wraps that you can choose from. You may not want your entire vehicle to be wrapped in service information. Luckily you have options.

Full Wrap: This can change the color and material of your vehicle. With this option, you can get all the specifics that you need on your vehicle. You may even just want information and not a color change. However, a full wrap can also make the body and paint take less damage and last longer over time.

Bonnet Wrapping: This is an excellent way to transform your vehicle without placing ads all over it. If you use your work vehicle as your regular day-to-day vehicle, this is a more subtle way to place information along the front and back of your vehicle.

Door Wrap: This is a great way to place information along the sides of your vehicle. It’s probably the most preferred way to advertise your business since there’s so much space you have for logos and information. It’s a simple way to get your message across and looks great when parked.

How Long Will It Last?

Wraps can last up to five years. This all ready depends on the climate you’re in, but here in the Austin, Texas area, the heat can take its toll. The sun, no matter what you drive, will have an impact on your vehicle’s exterior. Although, having a vinyl wrap can maintain the paint underneath and only make changes to the wrap. Replacing a wrap is much more cost-effective and more manageable than a whole paint job. Also, consider this a time to change colors, fonts, update business information, and include any other changes your company may have had over the past few years.

The Print Shop Is The One Stop For You

We can offer far more than just vehicle wraps; from stickers and decals, you too can spread the word better than your competitors. We can work with almost any vehicle out there and have experience in applying wraps on cars, trucks, SUVs, semi-trucks, trailers, motorcycles, tractors, boats, jet skis, and more! Give us a call, and we can provide an estimate over the phone and start planning your next marketing move!

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