Commercial truck wrap on an Austin, Texas tow truck.

If you are looking to advertise your business on your work car, truck, van, or SUV, one of the best ways to do so is with a commercial car wrap. Contrary to what some people think, when applied correctly, vinyl car wraps are 100% safe for your existing paint job and may actually help preserve it. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle has a gloss or matte paint job, commercial car wraps from The Wrap Genius will not damage your vehicle’s paint.

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What are the Benefits of Getting a Car Wrap? 

Vinyl car wraps, which are made of polyvinyl chloride, aka PVC, are one of the best ways to advertise your business. In addition to increasing your company’s visibility at an affordable price, here are a few other benefits of getting your car wrapped. 

  • Great for Advertising 

If you drive a vehicle as part of your business, getting your vehicle wrapped is a great method of free advertisement. You can get a custom wrap to display the name and information of your business on your vehicle and catch the attention of customers everywhere you go. 

  • Easy Removal 

Another big benefit of vinyl car wraps is that they aren’t permanent. If you get tired of them or if it starts to show wear and tear, we can just as easily remove it. The fact that car wraps aren’t permanent is also great for those who want to experiment with different designs on their vehicle. 

  • Adds Durability 

Car and truck wraps are also a great way to add a layer of protection and durability to your paint job. 

  • Doesn’t Cover Paint Damage

While there’s a lot to love about car wraps, they have their limitations. For instance, if you have a vehicle with a bad or damaged paint job, a vinyl car wrap may not cover it up. While it can conceal minor issues, major vehicle damage will remain visible beneath your car wrap. 

Do I Need to Repair My Car’s Paint Job Before Getting a Car Wrap? 

Because car wraps aren’t a fix-all for paint damage, it might be necessary to repair the paint job before getting your commercial car wrap. To find out if your commercial car or truck’s paint will need repair, you can contact us and schedule an appointment. We’ll take a look at your vehicle, find out what type of car wrap you’re interested in, and determine if repairs are necessary. 

How to Repair Your Car’s Paint Job Prior to a Car Wrap 

The main reason that damaged paint should get repaired prior to a car wrap is that the vinyl wrapping material may not adhere to the surface of your car. However, before worrying about facing expensive repairs, here’s a great way to prep your car for a vinyl car wrap. 

  1. Take your car through a decontamination car wash to get rid of wax, grease, dirt, and other things that will interfere with the bonding process. 
  2. Use a clay bar or mitt to wipe down the surface of your car. Clay bars are great for digging deeper and removing dust and particles that you can’t see with the naked eye. 
  3. Finally, if the damage is bad enough, you might need to get your paint job fixed by a professional. 

Is Car Wrapping Right for My Vehicle? 

If you have a work or business vehicle and want to protect its paint job or give it a spicy new look, a vinyl car wrap is right for you. 

Who to Call for Your Commercial Car Wrap Needs

If you’re ready to invest in a commercial car wrap for your vehicle, contact us at The Wrap Genius. We’re one of the top vehicle wrapping teams in Austin and the surrounding area and would love to give your vehicle the look you want. Call the experts at Wrap Genius today at (512) 677-5130 today!

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