Benefits of Vinyl Wraps

Different colored rolls of car vinyl in Georgetown.

If you’re tired of the same old look of your vehicle or you’re looking for a new way to give it that unique touch, vinyl wrapping may be the solution you’re looking for! At The Wrap Genius, we help vehicle owners and businesses in Georgetown elevate their cars with high-quality wrapping services. Contact us online […]

The Difference Between Car Decals and Vehicle Wraps

A professional adding a vehicle wrap to a semi-truck in Austin.

Car decals and vehicle wraps share the same goal: to promote your business. But how do they differ, and which offers better success? At The Wrap Genius, we’re on a mission to provide high-quality and cost-effective services to help drive more traffic and attention to your commercial business.  If you want to take your Austin […]

7 Benefits of Advertising with Commercial Vehicle Wraps

A white vehicle with a grey and yellow vehicle wrap in Austin.

Suppose you’ve been considering vehicle wraps or car decals to market your Austin business. In that case, we’re here to confirm that vehicle wraps can offer many benefits that many other advertising techniques cannot provide. From low costs to brand awareness, vehicle wraps have a high impact on loyal customers and potential target audiences! Want […]

Car Wraps are a Good Investment for Your Austin Business

Why Car Wraps are a Good Investment for Your Austin Business in 2022  As a business owner, the one question that emerges anytime you open your wallet is: is this a good investment? Some expenditures are necessary for day-to-day operations. You make the assumption that they will have a return on investment. One way to […]

Fun Activities To Enjoy In Austin This Spring

Wrap Genius Van

It’s no secret that the city of Austin continues to grow year after year, in part thanks to the great selection of activities to do year-round. For many in Austin, though, they may not know how rich with cool events the springtime season is for the city. In our latest blog, we go over some […]

Successful Car Wrap Secrets for Small Businesses

Hauffpaur's Ranch & Supply

Advertising has had quite a tumultuous trajectory—especially since the advent of the internet and the ease with which people access information. The car wrap for small businesses is making a resurgence—in fact, it was never dead. Look around, famous campaigns—from encouraging people to have their butts checked (more on that later) to promoting shark week, […]